Private & Public Partners

Quincy is home to more than 320 acres of parkland and 27 miles of coastal waterways, marshlands and beaches. These rich cultural treasures are owned and cared for by the joint efforts of the City of Quincy and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. These public agencies hold the parks in trust for the public, ensuring the parks are open to everyone, everyday, year-round.

Quincy Parks and Forestry Department manages 52 municipal park locations, 10 municipal beach areas and numerous open space areas. There are currently 35 basketball courts, 23 tennis courts, 27 little league/softball fields, eight regulation baseball diamonds, five soccer / lacrosse fields, three football fields, a skateboard park and an in-line skate-facility. Many of our park areas are multi-use facilities, meaning that during different seasons, they are used for different activities.

Eleven of the City's park locations are "passive" parks without recreational facilities. These parks can be used for walking, sitting or just plain relaxing. There are also two family picnic facilities offered by the city during the spring and summer months. The city offers 18 "tot-lot" or children's playgrounds. There are also 10 other locations with playground equipment for young children to use.

For more information about the City of Quincy’s open spaces please visit Parks & Playgrounds or call (617) 376-1253

Private Partners are critical to sponsoring the programs and events run by the Quincy Parks Conservancy. We are proud to have the support of the Quincy Parks Department.