The Conservancy is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of professionals who reside and/or conduct business in the City of Quincy. These individuals are committed to the mission of preserving and promoting Quincy’s parks and open spaces. They dedicate their time freely to achieving the goals of the Conservancy and realize that preserving these historic areas for future generations is an imperative, once lost these treasures cannot be regained.

The Conservancy does not have any permanent employees, allowing it to redirect more of its net proceeds from fundraising to events and programs which support its mission.


Board of Directors

Grace McAuliffe, President
Betty Georgaklis, Treasurer
David P. Mahoney, Secretary
The Honorable William D. Delahunt
Kerry Byrne
Scott Campbell
William Geary
Louise Grabowski
Celeste B. McGlone
Kristen M. Powers
Fran Wright